London Leaders programme 

The purpose of the London Leaders programme is to demonstrate the power of leadership and innovation in tackling the sustainability challenges inherent in global cities such as London.

Each year, the programme selects a group of Londoners undertaking projects that showcase sustainability in action and supports them to go further, increasing their impact and inspiring others to take up the baton!
The programme is open to everyone and this year the 2013-14 cohort will have a particular (although not exclusive) focus on innovation, green entrepreneurship and on projects that will help to boost London’s economy with jobs and growth whilst supporting the principles of sustainable development. 

During the year of their appointment each London Leader is support in a range of ways, for example, through training, expert mentoring, access to relevant networks, promotional materials and communications support. 

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    The Commission welcomes the support of Guardian Sustainable Business and Central Working as key media and innovation partners to this year's London Leaders programme.